Barefoot Bodywork LLC

Barefoot Bodyworks LLC is a massage therapy studio operating in Boise, Idaho.

Whether you need a way to help soothe pain in your body, relieve the stress from your day-today grind, or just a way to treat yourself,  Barefoot Bodywork has your back!

We offer a wide selection of services to melt that tension away and to get your body feeling great again.  Do yourself a favor; book a massage session today!  Your body will thank you!

Principle of Our Work


We value our customers and work hard to ensure you leave our studio feeling better than when you arrived.


Our massage therapists love what they do, and it shows!


We do our best to make sure our customers feel comfortable at our studio.  Even if it is your first massage, don’t be nervous!  We’re all friends here.


Our customers always get what they pay for.  There are no hidden costs or hoops to jump through.  We’re here to help you to feel better and want every single customer to leave our studio feeling satisfied with their purchase.

Meet the Team


Kaci C.

Co-owner, Massage Therapist

A body can laugh too

Things to do, places to go, time flying by, waking up tired, repeating the cycle. Even when you have down time, you’re so keyed up it takes you a long time to let the tension go. That’s what I hear again and again. I see what this does to a body, and it isn’t a good thing.

I am a re-set button.

I’ll get your “old” self back in your body and your mind. I know where to find the kid in you. I know how to remove layers of tension and stress, how to take you from tight to “alright!”, how to get you breathing deeply and openly again.

Holding your breath right now? Then you’re worse off than I thought – come right on in!


Amber D.

Co-owner, Massage Therapist

My name is Amber Drake and I have been a massage therapist since 2013. My specialty is deep tissue and restorative work. I am passionate about improving quality of life and making lasting progress.

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